Pat Farenga can consult with you about homeschooling/unschooling issues you face. Consultations last 50 minutes and can be conducted over the phone or through Skype. The charge is $150/session. Pat is also willing to arrange face-to-face consultations at conferences he attends and locally in the Boston area.

Contact Pat in advance to schedule your consultation; he will then send you a brief questionnaire to help him prepare for your consultation. Please contact him through the email link below.


Consulting with Teenagers

I usually do one or two consulting sessions with parents and/or their children on a specific topic, but I also help teenagers develop their own independent learning plans and, if they want, turn them into transcripts or resumes that they can use for college or work applications. I provide support, exercises, resources, and ideas to help young people discover and move towards their goals.

My standard rate for private consultations via Skype is $150/hour, but the prices drop as we go (as low as $80/hr if you sign up for six or more ). If you’re a teenager interested in working with me, please email me to get your application and questionnaire.

Some previous consultations I've done with teens include turning their real-life experiences into conventional transcripts for college; helping teens who don't want to go to college discover work they want to do; brainstorming and working towards personal goals; supporting and validating their unschooling experiences as they learn and grow. I also have the deep personal experience of raising and helping our three daughters, now grown women with degrees and full-time jobs, navigate their high school and college years as unschoolers.