Speaking Topics

The Legacy of John Holt
An overview of John Holt's life and work and how his personal journey from school reformer to unschooler can inform our own journeys from schooling to unschooling. A 90-minute presentation, featuring some video footage of Holt, with questions and answers throughout.

Teach Your Own Seminar  
A revised three-hour seminar that uses best practices, case histories, personal stories, and exercises to give you the confidence to support your child's self-directed learning. This seminar also covers what parents can do to aid and report self-directed learning, also known as unschooling, to school officials and others.

Chat with Pat
If you don't want to organize an event and just want to have an informal group discussion with me, considerthis. For $250 I'm willing to drive within 30 miles of my home and spend 90 minutes with you and your friends discussing how children learn and grow without schooling, or other topics of your choice. I've discussed the work of Ivan Illich and Holt, parenting challenges, learning issues, children's rights, and other topics in small groups so we can dive deep into a question, or broadly survey the landscape for trends and ideas.

I can address many other topics, too, so call me with your ideas.

If you're interested in having me speak to your group, school, or association please contact me to inquire about rates and availability.

E-mail: patfarenga@johnholtgws.com

2019 Speaking Engagements

Jan. 8. Virtual homeschooling conference at www.homeschool.com. Topic: Tired of School at Home? Try Unschooling.

Feb. 16. Live talk about unschooling for AERO’s online event. Topic TBA.

2018 Speaking Engagements

Dec. 8. Berklee School of Music Symposium for Interconnected Arts and Music Performance. Topic: Unschooling and Creativity.

Sept. 15. Inspired Calgary. Topics: The Art of Letting Go and Letting Learning Flourish and How to Work with Your Children’s Strengths.

April 6. Panelist about unschooling with Peter Gray and Kerry McDonald at the AEROx conference.

Feb 1. Speaker at virtual conference, www.HomeschoolingandLiberty.com.

A sampling of national media appearances and interviews by Pat Farenga about homeschooling and unschooling:

Good Morning America

The Today Show

Dr. Drew Pinsky Show

Consider This on Al Jazeera America

The Merrow Report on National Public Radio

Parenting Today

The New York Times

The Wall Street Journal

Geraldo At Large

Fox Across America

Fox and Friends

Teacher Magazine

The Chicago Tribune

The Boston Globe, newspaper and magazine

Here is a selection of groups, schools, and associations I've addressed:

American Library Association, New Orleans, LA

Alternative Education Resource Organization, NY

Bridgewater State College, MA

Clonlara School, MI

Connecticut Library Association

Education Paperback Association, FL

Ethical Humanist Society, NY

The Exhausted School - Carnegie Hall, NY

Foundation for Educational Renewal, VT

Fitchburg State College, MA

Florida Parent Educator Association

Goddard College, VT

Harvard University, MA

Home Education Network of Ireland

Homeschoolers of California (HSC)

InHome's Annual Conference, Chicago, IL

Learning at Home, London, England

The Learning In Our Own Way Conference, MA

The LINK Homeschool conference, CA

Modern Language Association, PA

Massachusetts Library Association

National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools, MI

The National Homeschool Association, Washington, DC

The Nutmeg Scholars, CT

North Carolinians for Home Education

Nova Spes, Rome, Italy

Ohio Valley Library Association

Oregon Home Education Network

Pennsylvania State University

Playworks, MA

Plymouth Parent Network, MA

Radical Unschoolers, NH

Rethinking Education, Dallas, TX

Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering, OH

Washington Homeschool Organization, Seattle, WA