There is more footage of Holt on national television shows, but it is not widely available. For instance, John Holt is listed as a guest on the David Frost show, but it is only available to subscribers of HuluPlus. Also, I have a photo of John Holt and Ivan Illich speaking together on a television show in the late 1960s or early 1970s, but no one has been able to identify that show.

John Holt's book TEACH OUR OWN had just been printed and controversy over homeschooling was quite strong in 1981, when Holt joined two homeschooling families on live, national television to address strong opinions from a restive audience about homeschooling and schooling in general, moderated by Phil Donahue.

A continuation of Holt's Spokane talk. Picks up where the "Pronouns" video ended. More details about this talk can be found at