Your Living and Learning Moment

I've been editing the back issues of Growing Without Schooling magazine into a complete, more readable collection in both print and digital formats. Now that I'm wrapping up volume 2 I want to try and get some of the many gems about learning that are contained in these issues to reach more people, so I'm choosing some of my favorites and recording them. I'll post a new one each week.


Art Horovitch, a high school teacher in Alberta, BC, writes to GWS about how homeschooling helped his teenage daughter flourish. However, his fellow faculty at school have trouble with homeschooling and Art seeks help from the readership of Growing Without Schooling.

This is a short piece written by John Holt about a child playing in the office while her mother volunteers there. It appeared in Growing Without Schooling 23.

Praise Junkies

Your Living and Learning Moment from Growing Without Schooling magazine. This is an excerpt from GWS 22, read by Patrick Farenga.