Parents' Concerns about Their Children's Futures

The questions from parents that Blake responded to at his talk are the same ones myself and others in homeschooling for the past 30+ years also asked when we started—childrearing issues don't differ from previous generations as much as our external circumstances do—and I feel obligated to pass those answers forward . . .

Homeschooled Teens

This new book surveys 75 former and current teenage homeschoolers about their feelings, thoughts, and experiences about not going to high school. The range of responses and the variety of educational experiences outside of conventional school that they describe will give heart to any parent wondering if homeschooling during the teen years is a smart move.

Starting to Homeschool with Pat Farenga

Over the last few months we created this series of six videos, handouts, and a private member's forum to help you start and continue homeschooling in your own way. I wrote a new book, How to Report Unschooling to School Officials, as a capstone to this project (you can get the book separately). But you can get a special price on the complete package . . .

In Remembrance: John Holt

September 14, 2015, marks the 30th anniversary of John Holt’s death and I’ve been conflicted as to what to write about it . . . As I thought about this anniversary I went through various books and files for inspiration and I came across the documentary slide show we created for the Growing Without Schooling 20th anniversary conference in 1997 . . .

Don't Follow the Crowd: Let Teens Sleep Late

People may criticize you for it, but strong evidence continues to emerge that letting your teenager sleep late and do their tasks and learning when they're well rested is a biologically and educationally sound practice. The problem is, school schedules and adult expectations undermine people who want to do this—unless you are homeschooling!

Not-Back-to-School Support

Getting into the Ivy League is not a good reason to homeschool—there's no guarantee you will gain admission and why put all that pressure on a young child? But following your children's interests and developing their character are good reasons to homeschool, as these stories show.

Choosing Home: 20 Mothers Celebrate Staying Home, Raising Children, and Changing the World

"Insisting that both women and men must work in equally high paying and prestigious jobs to attain gender equality explicitly assumes that high paying jobs reflect the pinnacle of success and importance. We disagree. When mothers (and increasingly fathers) stay home—whether they earn a paycheck never, now, or in the future—they change the world for the better by raising and prioritizing children, cultivating family and community, and investing in the future . . ."

Escaping the Education Caste System

Some Indian parents help their children cheat on exams to get ahead, and treat children harshly to make them study, in what they perceive as a dog-eat-dog world of education. Is conventional schooling the only way to help people learn and grow into good citizens?