In Memory of Jean Liedloff and The Continuum Concept

I learned that Jean Liedloff, author of the groundbreaking book about her work with the Yequana Indians of the Amazon basin, The Continuum Concept, died on March 15, 2011. This book was championed by John Holt during his life, and we continued to sell and support it until we closed our bookstore in 2001. Holt wrote:

This seems to me as important a book as any I have ever read. In it Jean Liefloff says and shows that babies grow best in health, happiness, intelligence, independence, self-reliance, courage, and cooperativeness when they are born and reared in the "continuum" of the human biological experience, that is, as "primitive" mothers bear and rear their babies, and probably always have born and reared them through all the millions of years of human existence.

We interviewed Jean Liedloff in Growing Without Schooling 70. You can download a PDF of the two-page interview here. I hope you enjoy reading the interview.