Don't Like School? Here's a Place to Vent

Cevin Soling continues to bring to light the serious injustices being done to young people in school under the guise of education and I want to help spread the word about his work. Though homeschooling is an option for kids in a bad school situation, many parents think the children should just "tough it out" and won't consider taking their child out of school or seek another school for them. If you know a child or young adult in this situation, consider sharing this information with them:

Seeking submissions of student works expressing their hatred of school for publication

Editors of a forthcoming anthology are soliciting students for their artistic works, photos, and writings, which express discontent with school roomthe public schools and the compulsory educational system. The anthology, to be titled “American Public Schools- Voices of Dissent”, will be published by Spectacle Films, Inc.

Please share this page with anyone you think would benefit from expressing their frustrations with school.