Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out

The goal of the new homeschooling nonprofit, HARO (Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out) is to “to make homeschooling better for future generations through awareness, community building, and healing.” They are, in their own words, “former homeschoolers interested in sharing our experiences growing up in the conservative, Christian homeschooling subculture.” I urge you to view the group’s fundraising [web page] and video.2

HARO is an expansion of homeschoolers anonymous 1. Formed just months ago, Homeschoolers Anonymous has already

launched #HSLDAMustAct, lobbying HSLDA to create a public awareness campaign to combat child abuse. We helped Hännah Ettinger at Wine & Marble raise over $10,000 for a young woman rescued from an abusive family environment. Our awareness series have addressed some big issues, including LGBT experiences and struggles with self-injury. Together, we are making a difference. We are changing lives.

Now, through HARO, they want to create a nonprofit that will fund more ambitious projects, such as physical, legal, and financial assistance for current and former homeschoolers in unhealthy situations.

John Holt wrote in support of children’s rights (Escape From Childhood) and in support of parent’s rights (Teach Your Own); the two need not be in opposition. However, parental rights has many advocates who are tied to customs and traditions that trump children from having a voice in what they can think about or do; HARO is a brave step towards addressing this imbalance.