John Holt's Book and Music Store: Now Online!

In 1981, when I began working with John Holt, it was nearly impossible to purchase school materials or textbooks for homeschooling use. John Holt saw this need and addressed it by creating John Holt’s Book and Music Store, a mail-order catalog, built around books and materials parents could use with their children, as well as many items that can be used by children on their own.

I have compiled John Holt's Book and Music Store into this reading list, which contains the majority of materials we sold during our 31 years of business at Holt Associates/Growing Without Schooling (I’ll add more as I discover what I missed), to show you how even without an Internet connection you can enjoy deep, satisfying learning experiences at home and in your community. Just seeing the titles and reading their blurbs of things we used to homeschool years ago can give you ideas of more recent, similar things you and your children can enjoy reading or using today.

I hope you enjoy these unschooling resources, many originally recommended and reviewed by John Holt in the pages of Growing Without Schooling magazine, and that you’ll share updates and ideas for new additions to this list with me.

Read John Holt's Book and Music Store Reading List online.

Download John Holt's Book and Music Store Reading List (pdf)