Experiential Learning and Earning College Credit

Lainie Liberti, an unschooling parent and author, has organized an exciting learning opportunity for teens and young adults who want to explore Peru this summer. Project World School Peru is situated in “Perú’s mysterious land of the Incas. Designed for homeschoolers, unschoolers and democratic learners alike, this immersive 22-day, Temporary Learning Community utilizes the enigmatic landscape of Cusco and the Sacred Valley as a canvas for discovery.”

After your adventures in Peru, or if you have completed any project you would like academic credit for, you can have various companies or individuals evaluate your experience and issue college credits for your efforts. I have written quite a lot about this over the years, and have recommended Thomas Edison State College, in particular, as a good place to go if you need to turn your learning into a credential for use with work or school.

However, this online resource, the Guide to Earning Credit Before College, contains information and links to several resources about transcript services, competency-based testing, learning portfolios, and college credit for high school students. There is some duplication of what I present on the HoltGWS Unschooling Teenagers resource pages, but you will find their explanations of the various services to be more complete than the one-sentence blurbs I provide on the HoltGWS site.