What is the role of teacher when children do self-directed learning?

I’m delivering a keynote at the online Learning Revolution conference early tomorrow morning. It is being recorded so you can listen to it on your own schedule, but if the topic interests you and you’d like to participate with questions and comments, please grab a cup of coffee and join me! Here’s a description of my talk:

Self-directed learning is sometimes thought of as teacher-less learning by children, but that is not completely true. The role of the teacher is different when the child decides when, where, how, and from whom to learn; the context and purposes of teaching are radically different in this configuration. However, it is not a new configuration. Many teachers and philosophers during the last half of the twentieth century anticipated the backlash to institutionalized standardized learning and outlined how teachers can help people learn independently. In the 21st century we have social, economic, and technological changes that support this model of teaching and learning like never before. This talk outlines how a different kind of teacher is emerging from the ferment of unschooling, democratic schools, technology, and social perceptions about children in society.

Here is the schedule of keynotes for tomorrow:

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