Join the Homeschool Plus Conference

I am co-chair and a keynote speaker for the Homeschool Plus conference that will be held online on August 7 and 8, 2014. It is free to attend and everyone is encouraged to submit a presentation proposal, including first-time presenters.

Last year Steve Hargadon asked me to co-chair his first free, worldwide online Homeschool Conference 2013 and it was well received. This year we’re trying to expand our outreach to include groups and organizations that aren’t directly about homeschooling but which complement self-directed learning in a variety of ways; hence this year’s name, Homeschool Plus. We currently have Blake Boles, myself, Matt Hern, Ocean Robbins, Carlo Ricci, Monica Cochran, and other interesting keynote speakers who are still being scheduled.

I urge you to consider volunteering to help moderate a session or to be a presenter. You only need to present for 20 minutes, minimum, and 60 minutes, maximum, and this includes any questions and answers, slides, videos, or other things you want to use in your presentation. I hope you’ll join us by visiting the Call for Proposals page and submitting your presentation.