John Taylor Gatto Back in Business

John Taylor Gatto's website is revised and open for business again. For those unfamiliar with Gatto's work, the site is well worth a visit, particularly if you want to know not just what's wrong with schools but what you can do about it now. Gatto is an award-winning New York City public school teacher who gave up trying to fix the schools from within the system and who has been calling upon children, adults, and teachers to do something different for with education. He and I became friends in 1991 when he openly embraced homeschooling as a path forward for education in his public comments and writing (republished in his excellent book Dumbing Us Down), making him a rarity among public school educators and a beacon of hope for families seeking alternatives to schools that aren't working for them.

Despite his stroke, John continues to read, write, and think about education topics. However, John needs a lot of care and help to function well and donations to his health fund are always welcome.

John and Janet Gatto are working with David Rodriquez to not only keep the website going but also to bring out a new edition of The Underground History of American Education, featuring some new writing by Gatto. If you are interested in knowing more about this new edition and when it will be available in 2015, send your request to

The new website also features a reorganized media section, where you can view videos of John Gatto's talks. I hope you'll take some time to get to know or reaquaint yourself with this remarkable teacher's work.