48 Translations of John Holt's Work and More to Come!

I was lucky to be prompted to create and update this list by a German homeschooling advocate and librarian, Stefanie Schulfrie. After I compiled it she found several missing German and Spanish editions of Holt’s works, making me realize I don’t have a complete accounting of all the translations. I believe that there are many more translations of Holt’s early books than I have documentation for, since they were done in the 1960s and 1970s and their rights were transferred to new publishers by the time I came to the company in 1981. If you know of any books by Holt in translation that aren’t on this list, please email me.

This list is compiled from the books I physically own and the contracts I have on file for translations of Holt’s books that were actually published. Books with their foreign titles listed are one’s that I physically possess; the translation contracts all just have the English title, not the final translated title, so I can only give the publisher, city, and year of publication for those.

Here is the link to the Holt in Translation page.