Bad Homeschooling Legislation in CA

“Hard cases make bad law” is an old phrase among legal minds, but the child abuse case in Perris, California is in danger of making that old legal saw a reality for homeschoolers.

In their desire to do something to prevent child abuse in the wake of this disgusting story, the CA legislature is needlessly rushing to create bills that stifle homeschooling for all.

Tomorrow, April 25, 2018, is when one of two bills that would make homeschooling more onerous is being heard in the CA legislature. The first bill, AB 2926, was pulled on April 19 after strong protests from the homeschooling community. This bill would have created an advisory panel that would create health and safety inspections, additional, specific curriculum standards, and certification or credentialing of teachers.

AB 2796 is being heard tomorrow and the HomeSchool Association of CA, the California Homeschool Network, and HSLDA all oppose this bill.

This bill introduces extra data collection from homeschoolers. HSC notes, “We also have privacy concerns. The data collected in PSAs is currently not listed in the private school directory if there are fewer than 6 students enrolled in the school. That would change if this bill passes. For people living in small towns, for example, it would become much easier for other people to identify and single out individual homeschooling families which could result in harassment or other negative consequences.”

If you want to support efforts to defeat AB 2756, contact any of the groups listed above.

Full text of AB 2756.