Alternatives to Compulsory Education Videos

The recordings for the Alternatives to Compulsory Education conference, held on April 27, 2013, at Harvard University, are now available for public viewing. They are arranged in the order that the speeches were presented.

For more details about the presenters and the event, download the program pdf here.

First, Cevin Soling: Why We Need Alternatives

Next, is Pat Farenga: Homeschooling and Unschooling. Please note I used a PowerPoint presentation that was not recorded; you can view the slides by using the slide viewer next to my video viewer. I'm posting the slides on SlideShare as well.

Dr. Peter Gray followed me. He spoke about "The Importance of Play" and his new book, Free To Learn.

Peter Bergson, who also served as Master of Ceremonies for the conference, closed the event with his talk, "Open Connections: One Approach to Partnership Education."