This Kind of Knowing

My friend and colleague, Susannah Sheffer, is not just an amazing writer, interviewer, and editor—she's also a poet. A collection of her poems has been published by Cooper Dillon Books, This Kind of Knowing and I can't recommend it highly enough. Her ability to turn abstract thought into concrete, emotional images is remarkable, as is they way she can dive deep into emotional situations and emerge to offer us tender insight. Rather than gush about this chapbook gem, here's a short poem to whet your appetite.

A Knowledge Like Glass

Afterward you reach for it
like a marble in the pocket,
a private certainty
that only your hand knows.
This is what you hold,
what you tell yourself,
what people cannot tell
by looking at you,
what the moon would be
if you took it into your mouth
and sucked it smooth,
what the fire has cooled and become.