An Update about The Legacy of John Holt

I mailed the proof copies of The Legacy of John Holt to several readers and received much positive feedback about the content of the book, but a few readers noted that the cover didn’t really give them a good idea about the book’s contents. Carlo Ricci, my coeditor, and I wanted to create a cover that made a statement about Holt’s insistence on the competence of children, and we used a professional cover designer to create it. Now we feel the cover might be too clever for its own good. It doesn’t really convey the essence of John’s personality and influence that are so much a part of this book, and we’re grateful for the honest feedback that made us realize where we went a bit astray.

So, we decided to redo the cover, thereby delaying the publication a little bit more. The book is likely to come out in the first weeks of July. However, I have removed the password protection from the book preview pages, so everyone can now read excerpts from the soon-to-be released book, The Legacy of John Holt: A Man Who Genuinely Understood, Trusted, and Respected Children.