John Gatto and Starting to Homeschool Webinar Updates

First, I have moved the next Starting to Homeschool webinar from this Friday to next Friday, May 1, at 3PM EST. I hope this doesn’t ruin anyone’s plans, but life has been complicated for me recently and I need to push the webinar back a week.

Second, John Taylor Gatto is feeling better and he’s anxious to connect with people again. John wants to have questions directed to him via his website that he can respond to publicly.

Here are John's parameters and other details:

Since his boyhood, John has had eclectic interests; from his earliest recollections he is interested in everything under the sun, but does not claim expertise in everything (if anything!). However, he is interested and willing to render candid opinions in any area one prefers except medical advice, as long as one agrees to take his response to a question as merely a personal opinion, rendered free of charge or hidden agenda.

Questions must adhere to these four rules:

  1. Don't ask more than one question.
  2. Don't ask if you already know the answer.
  3. Don't ask him to predict the future.
  4. Don't ask rhetorical questions, or use a question to state a position or to be silly; otherwise, ask anything.

Send your questions, one at a time, to:

To read the response, as well as responses to all questions replied to, visit, where you may also sign up to receive direct emails from John.