Starting to Homeschool and Chat with Pat

May is looking like an incredibly busy month for me, and it gets started with my next free webinar on May 1, at 3 pm EST: Starting to Homeschool: What Do We Do Now That We’re Learning At Home? I’m going to explore the daily details about how to create and report your unschooling or homeschooling curricula (if you must; not every state requires this), as well as offer a range of ideas and activities for young homeschoolers. (I’ll talk specifically about homeschooling teenagers and high school in another webinar.)

I hope you’ll not just attend the webinar, but use it to ask any questions you have.
This session is free during the day of broadcast and 24 hours after it airs. The entire series will be available for sale when all the webinars are recorded

I’ll be attending a memorial service in Manhattan for my friend, Elsa Haas, on May 9. I’ve also made arrangements to do an open forum conversation with Manhattan homeschoolers on Monday, May 11, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The NY City Home Educators Alliance is sponsoring this “Chat with Pat” and you can join it by contacting them as follows:

—Because of safety issues we do not want to mention either the name of the location or the address of the event online.

—I will email interested people the address of the church in which the secular activity is taking place if they email me to express interest. That way we will also have an idea of how many non-NYCHEA attendees we will have. Please see below:

This secular event is being held in a church on Manhattan's West Side. Please contact for more information.

—Because Elsa Haas was always a proponent of affordable activities, we will charge non-members a suggested donation of $5 per person and $10 per family. If they subsequently join NYCHEA their donation will reduce their membership fee from $36 to either $31 or $26, respectively.

I’ll also be attending the AERO conference on May 24 to hear Sugata Mitra speak. More on that to come.