Not-Back-to-School Support

Here are three items that I hope will encourage you to start or continue homeschooling at that time of the year when nearly everyone seems focused on getting their children out of their home and into school.

  1. Boston Magazine did a cover story about homeschooling that featured our friend Claire Dickson. My family has watched Claire grow and develop into one of the best young jazz vocalists in New England. But Claire is on the cover because she is a homeschooler entering Harvard University as a freshman this year, not because she sang in jazz clubs well before she was old enough to drink in one. But Claire’s story is not the sole focus of this piece. Instead, we get stories about how Claire’s family, and other current Boston homeschooling families, are faring with homeschooling, college admissions, and finding work as adults. This could be a useful article to share with skeptics who doubt homeschoolers can get into college or have social lives.

  2. Blake Boles interviewed me about self-directed learning a while ago and he contacted me last week to say the podcast is now live. I always enjoy speaking with Blake and we covered a lot of ground about issues surrounding self-directed learning. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

  3. Jeremy Stuart, the director of the excellent documentary film about homeschooling, Class Dismissed, has made it available as a digital rental for $5.99. If you know of families who would benefit from seeing it please let them know they can watch it over the Internet.