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Not-Back-to-School Support

Getting into the Ivy League is not a good reason to homeschool—there's no guarantee you will gain admission and why put all that pressure on a young child? But following your children's interests and developing their character are good reasons to homeschool, as these stories show.

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Homeschooling Summarized in the Congressional Quarterly Researcher

After outlining the general issues the March 7, 2014, Congressional Quarterly Researcher report looks in depth at three key questions:

1. Should governments oversee home schooling more strictly?
2. Is home schooling academically superior to public schooling?
3. Can home schooling help the public school system?


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Two School Reforms You Don’t Have to Wait for Educators to Implement

Meaningful relationships with adults and honoring sleep patterns are two factors for success in life that are neglected in just about all school reforms. Photo: Kids and adults at the first Holt/Growing Without Schooling picnic in 1986.

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