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Life Without School: A Plea To Unschool Our Learning

News and reports about learning without going to school from Belgium and Colombia. Life Without School–A Plea To Unschool Our Learning is a new title written by two Belgian authors, and Colombian researchers explore the economics of homeschooling/unschooling in their country and the characteristics of a really alternative school.

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Homeschooling News from Argentina, China, and India

In conjunction with this week’s free, online homeschooling conference that I co-chair with Steve Hargadon, last night the Alternative Education Film Festival started. We launched the film festival with La Educacion Prohibida, a wonderful documentary about alternative education in Spanish-speaking countries (with English subtitles), directed by German Doin. Steve and I interviewed German last night and you can view it here . . .

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Homeschooling Summarized in the Congressional Quarterly Researcher

After outlining the general issues the March 7, 2014, Congressional Quarterly Researcher report looks in depth at three key questions:

1. Should governments oversee home schooling more strictly?
2. Is home schooling academically superior to public schooling?
3. Can home schooling help the public school system?


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In Honor of an Education Heretic

Many American homeschoolers are probably unfamiliar with Dr. Roland Meighan, who died on January 20, 2014, but he was an important and wonderful person whose work should be more widely known. Roland admired the work of John Holt and he reached out to me in the mid 1980s, offering his help to spread the word about alternatives to school . . .

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Two School Reforms You Don’t Have to Wait for Educators to Implement

Meaningful relationships with adults and honoring sleep patterns are two factors for success in life that are neglected in just about all school reforms. Photo: Kids and adults at the first Holt/Growing Without Schooling picnic in 1986.

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