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John Holt on The Phil Donahue Show

This is the complete episode of John Holt and two homeschooling families contending with a fairly hostile audience (one person is so mean in their comments about one of the homeschooled children that Donahue cuts her off!). Though it is from 1981, I think all the criticisms, responses, and issues are pretty much the same today despite the continued growth of homeschooling. What do you think?

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Join an Unschooling Conference This Weekend

  This inaugural conference is our attempt to bring together as many groups and people who have a genuine interest in helping children learn in their own ways and schedules, rather than forcing children to learn what economists, politicians, and educators have decided they should know at any given age. Steve Hargadon and I have created this event rather quickly this year, but we decided we had to give it a shot and bring it to life on our own rather than continue to wait for sponsorship and the perfect moment . . .

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Education and Consumerism

Education and Consumerism: Have schools confused being a consumer with being a citizen? Ivan Illich wrote, "The existence of schools produces the demand for schooling. Once we have learned to need school, all our activities tend to take the shape of client relationships to other specialized institutions . . ."

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